Champion of the Moon Glories

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    The high fantasy Champion of the Moon Glories leaves every character and the world itself changed forever.   As suspicious accidents quietly steal away members of the royal family, a desperate king is left with no suitable heir to the throne.  His solution is to submit a challenge to all the noble families of his realm.  The prize at the end is the princess’s hand in marriage. 

    What the king does not know is that his last remaining child is in love with her lady-in-waiting, who does not intend to take this lying down.  She enlists the help of a charming nobleman...and his strange lover, who is hiding a dangerous secret himself.

     The complicated quest for an heir to the throne is as tangled and intriguing as is the ivy and vine courtyard at the heart of the palace.  Will the king find his champion, will the princess and the woman she truly loves find happiness, or will it all fall apart, leaving the nation at the mercy of a murderous heir and the supernatural fiend at his side? 

    Characters in this epic include a sorcerer discovering his magic-just as he is being consumed by it, a cunning and determined lady-in-waiting, a king wrestling with his own mortality, a servant who knows far more than he should, a knight with a wicked obsession with pain, a witch pursuing her own scheme to bring about an ancient prophecy, and a silent observer more powerful than them all.


Book one of the Moon glories series

Champion of the Moon Glories 

by M.E. Corey Brown

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